AME Case Referral Form (v5)

Dear AME Colleague

Please excuse the ‘flurry’ of e-mails regarding the referral form. You have provided us with further very useful feedback on the updated form and we are trying to accommodate the requests we have received from you. We hope this will help make it easier to use and to address restrictions you were coming across when trying to send large numbers of documents.

We have now published a Word version of the referral on the CAA website (see attached). If you wish to use this version of the referral form then convert it to pdf format before sending it to us. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the referral form from the Word version onto an email and refer a case to us in this way.

Kind regards

Dr Ewan Hutchison

Head of Medical Assessment

Safety and Airspace Regulation Group

UK Civil Aviation Authority

AME Case Referral Form v 5.0 January 2020 (PDF)

AME Case Referral Form v 5.0 January 2020 (word)

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