3 minute guide to annual AAME appraisal

General advice

  • Use an approved electronic format. Please see our website
  • You should confirm that your professional activity is mainly Aviation related and there is no identifiable Designated Body (such as NHSE or the Faculty of Occupational Medicine). This qualifies for the AAME’s GMC Suitable Person service. In other words, if you cannot get an understanding review elsewhere
  • Describe and evidence your personal effort: reflection, learning and changes in Practice (certificates not needed). Especially for CPD, QIA and complaints
  • Please contact your appraiser in good time with questions. Send your portfolio 3 weeks (or a bare courtesy of 2 weeks) before the appraisal
  • Remember your appraiser is interested in what you think and how you intend to develop your work

Specific requirements (minimums) – for further Pandemic concessions talk to your Appraiser

  • Commentary on learning outcomes from last year’s PDP
  • 20 CPD (use CAA Learning Pool). 1 credit = 1 hour of learning demonstrated by a brief reflective note on lessons learned. Described outcomes generates QIA-CPD credit. Certificates not needed.
  • Quality improvement activities. g. audits, Incidents, Case Reviews / Management – especially when it results in improved practice. Capture representative activities
  • Colleague and patient-client feedback. Share accounts of complaints, compliments, criticisms or suggestions. And learning. Formal surveys once in each 5-year revalidation cycle.
  • Ideas for 3 PDP objectives
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Update: ATCO Refresher Training

We have had several enquiries regarding acceptable ATCO refresher training for retaining privileges relating to EU Class 3 medicals. The CAA have given the following guidance:

“Due to the implementation of the ATCO Regulations in December 2016 privileges relating to Class 3 medicals will only be revalidated if we have evidence that you have completed refresher training relating to the ATCO environment.

Please can you confirm within the last 3 years if you have completed training relating to ATCOs?

If you have not completed any ATCO refresher training within the last 3 years please contact an ATC facility and plan a visit day to see ATCOs in action, once you have completed this please provide the location, dates and times.”

NATS is unable to provide AME visit days, due to the large number of AMEs who would like to attend. The onus remains with the individual AME to arrange a visit to a local ATC facility.

If you attended the Friday evening session at the AAME Scientific Conference on 16th March 2018 (Dealing with the difficult pilot and ATCO), your attendance certificate will include ATCO specific CPD.