AAME Appraisal Service

AAME Appraisal Service

This service went live in 2010, after training of a group of potential appraisers in 2008. It was born out of a need to provide Annual Appraisals for AME doctors who were no longer working as General Practitioners, Occupational Health Medical Practitioners, etc. and, therefore, no longer had access to a GMC-approved Annual Appraisal system.

However, it should be noted that this service will provide for those doctors who are working only as Aero-Medical Examiners with closely related work which can include Airport Firefighter Medicals and their related LGV Medicals. Specific AME work (pilots, ATCOs & Cabin Crew) must form the major bulk of their activities.

If any other medical activity is performed, including drug prescribing of any type, the practitioner must seek an appraisal from another provider.

Current AME Appraisers (February 2021) – alphabetically

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Dr Azita Jones

Dr Thomas Policarp

Dr Richard Sills

Dr Jonathan Timperley

AME Appraisal Rules & Requirements

Any AME who wishes to use the AAME Appraisal Service must be a fully paid-up Member of AAME (currently £120 per annum, reduced during the Covid-19 crisis to £85). This includes SAAME members who must join AAME. This can be all done on the AAME Website. Also, they must be registered to use the services of the GMC Suitable Person (SP) with the annual fee of £150. Our SP is now Dr Mushkoor Sheikh.

Once an arrangement for Appraisal has been made directly with a specific Appraiser, this may be repeated by the same Appraiser for 2 further years if the Appraisee so wishes. However, except in exceptional circumstances, after 3 Annual Appraisals, a different Appraiser should be selected.

The current agreed fee for an Appraisal is £600 plus reasonable travel costs (as appropriate). This fee and travel costs are to be paid directly to the Appraiser.

While the first Appraisal with a specific Appraiser must be face-to-face, subsequent Appraisals (in the series of three) may be by Skype or Zoom, if so wished – to save both travelling time and expenses.

Update in February 2021

While the Covid-19 crisis continues, it is reasonable that a first Appraisal is not done face-to-face, as is normally required. Thus, Skype or Zoom may be used at this time. Also, during these continuing exceptional circumstances, it is reasonable that a 4th Appraisal may be performed by the same Appraiser as the previous 3 unless the Appraisee prefers otherwise.

While it is not a GMC requirement, it is considered that at least one Appraisal in the 5-year GMC Revalidation cycle, should take place at the AME’s work premises. This can lead to some very positive and helpful discussion. However, this is a voluntary arrangement and is encouraged but is not always logistically possible.

Advance Paperwork

This should be made available to the Appraiser, at least 2 weeks prior to the arranged meeting. It should be using the attached Forms 1-3 with Professional Development Templates (PDTs) – both the previous year’s and one for the next year. They must only be prepared & sent digitally, not hand-written. If the Word Format is used (rather than pdf), it allows for editing & corrections by both Appraiser & Appraisee.

Post-Appraisal Paperwork

After the Appraisal, Form 4 will be prepared by the Appraiser, checked &, if needs be, amended by the Appraisee and then forwarded to the SP, either by the Appraiser or Appraisee by agreement.

After the Appraisal is finalised, an Appraisal Feedback Form must be completed (available from the website or the Appraiser) and forwarded directly to the current Appraiser Lead.

This form will be held in confidence unless there are any major issues.

Dr Azita Jones

AME Appraiser: Dr Azita Jones MBBS MRCGP MSc

I have been an AME since 2016, initially carrying out Class 2 and cabin crew medicals. Since March 2018, I have been doing Class 1 medical examinations from my purpose-built premises in Washington, West Sussex. I am also a part-time GP, previously a partner and now a locum.

I have been a GP appraiser since 2006 and have extensive experience in this role. In the past I have also been a GP tutor and GP trainer. As GP tutor, I inspected practices applying to host Foundation Year 2 doctors.

I live in West Sussex and can carry out appraisals in my office which is easily accessible from most of the South East. I would also be able to travel to any other part of the UK to your workplace or another mutually agreed venue for the appraisal meeting.

My contact details:

AME Partners Ltd

Corris, Rock Road


West Sussex

RH20 3BQ

Mobile: 07733344816

Email: azita.jones@mac.com

Dr Thomas Policarp

AME Appraiser: Dr Thomas Policarp MRCGP D.OccMed

I have been an AME since 2014 initially performing medicals only in a private clinic.

For the last one year I have been working for the National Air Traffic Service and also work part-time as a GP. I have been an Appraiser for Occupational Medicine since 2016.

I live in High Wycombe and can be very flexible & am happy to travel to a wide area either to your workplace or other agreed venue, for the appraisal interview.

My contact details

Mobile phone:                     07860774493

E-mail:                                       thomaspolicarp@hotmail.com

Address:                                   47 Kingshill Crescent, High Wycombe, HP13 5NF

Dr Jonathan Timperley

AME Appraiser:  Dr Jonathan Timperley MB ChB MD FRCP FRAeS

I originally started as an AME in 1996 as a Junior Medical Officer in the RAF.  I left the RAF in 2011 and started as a civilian AME in 2012. I work as a cardiologist in Northampton where I also have my AME practice. I am also an Appraiser at Northampton General Hospital.

I teach on the King’s College Basic and Advanced Aviation Medicine courses and also on the Diploma course.

I am very flexible and happy to travel to any part of the UK.

My contact details:

Mobile No.: 07983-295118

E-mail: jon.timperley@gmail.com

Address: 24 Blackthorn Crescent, Brixworth, Northampton, NN6 9WD