CAA Medical: Briefings and Updates

Dear AME

You may be aware, there has been a lot of recent discussion in the media and in response to questions from MPs and MSPs  about the issue of initial medical certificates with an OML, particularly in relation to applicants living with HIV. As a result, the UK CAA has taken the decision to resume issuing initial Class 1 medical certificates with an OML limitation (where required for the specific medical condition/medication). This will happen with immediate effect. An OML may only be added to a certificate by a medical assessor and so all initial applicants who do not meet the requirements for unrestricted Class 1 medical certification but do meet the requirements for a Class 1 medical certificate with an OML will need to be referred to CAA Medical, as is the case already for existing commercial (CPL, MPL and ATPL) licence holders.

 A formal announcement about this decision has just been released (see link below).

 This will mainly affect the Aeromedical Centres who are assessing initial Class 1 applicants but applicants who have previously been refused an initial Class 1 may approach any AME for advice. In this circumstance they should be advised to contact the AeMC to whom they originally applied.

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 Dr Sally Evans


GMC No 2854043

 Chief Medical Officer

Safety and Airspace Regulation Group

UK Civil Aviation Authority

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