MSRP update

February 2020 update  
Dear AME community,
In our last update we mentioned some of the challenges we have faced especially in relation to the certification module. The project team are continuing to work closely with RioMed in testing the product and resolving issues. Whilst we are pleased to say we are making progress, this has been slower than anticipated and we are still in the System Verification Testing phase. Detailed work is in progress on the MARS data mapping and migration plans and in finalising the procedures for providing access to Cellma for applicants and non-CAA users via the CAA Portal. The communications, business change and training plans are being finalised and we have started a programme of engagement with key external stakeholders including commercial airlines and helicopter operators, Air Traffic Control providers, General Aviation organisations and trades unions. Cellma will only be launched once we are satisfied that we can provide a stable product that is fit for purpose. Please find the Medical System Replacement Project’s latest activities and progress report below: 

Activities in progress:
Revision of project delivery plans with an anticipated launch in Q3 2020 Continuation of System Verification testing (SVT), and preparations for User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Instructions on how and when non-CAA users (AMEs, AME staff and external cardiologists) should apply for a CAA portal account and request user access to Cellma will be communicated when the systems are ready and CAA staff have received any necessary training
Roll-out of the communications plans, with current focus on key large external stakeholders
Development of the training programme and guidance materials
Upcoming activities:
Once SVT testing is completed and we are satisfied that the functional requirements have been met, the CAA project team will recommence User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
AMEs who previously undertook UAT training will be invited to participate again.
We will provide as much notice as possible as to when this will take place, as well as the input that will be required
Volunteer Pilot and ATCO applicants will also be involved in UAT for their feedback on the user-experience without specific system training.
The team will be in touch with further updates and actions as required. 

Kind regards,

Medical System Replacement Project Team

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